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Subframe and Steering Re-Enforcement

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Re: Subframe and Steering Re-Enforcement

Post by BenM635i » Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:43 am

Yep he responded to me to when back, going to get me a bolt and make things strong.

Good chap!
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Re: Subframe and Steering Re-Enforcement

Post by guido » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:52 pm

Just checked and sure enough there's a hairline crack running along the bracket joints from the back to the front.
Another fix added to the list.... :D

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Re: Subframe and Steering Re-Enforcement

Post by orlando » Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:20 am

I was meant to do this reinforcement for a while now and finally got to do it today. I ordered the kit from Ed in February who quickly sent it to me. It appears that he has improved the kit from the one I seen pictures in the excellent write up The Sixer Kid put together back in 2009.The dowel is now a solid stainless steel cylinder which snugs in nicely in the subframe hole.

I have been experiencing vibration in the steering wheel since I took the car to get it wheel aligned and balanced. took the car back to get it checked again and was told that I needed to replace the tie rod assembly as the original ones had ceased, was also asked to get new control arms which I did. The shop installed the new hardware, re-aligned and balanced and was told that everything should be alright now. Took the car away and wanted to go for a long drive. As soon as I reached about 80 km per hour, the dreaded vibration returned!! Went back to the shop and was told that they have checked everything and that it must be something else that was wrong with my car. You all know the feeling when you try to improve the handling of the car by doing the simplest thing like wheel alignment and balancing but get the car worse than what it was. Don't know about you but I get depressed when my pride and joy doesn't perform as it should!!

Pissed off with the vibration, I put the car on stands and decided to check it myself. I use style five wheels that require hub centric rings. after removing the wheels, I noticed the right side ring was a bit bended,(I use aluminium ones) removed the rings and on closer inspection, I noticed they were the wrong size. So what happened was that the shop obviously misplaced my original rings when doing the wheel balancing and put whatever they had in my car. Luckily I had a spare set of rings the right size and replaced the ones the shop put in.

This was the best opportunity to do the steering box bracket reinforcement with the Mwrench kit from Ed, even though the bracket was not broken, I wanted to do it as a preventative measure. Mine worked a treat, easily snugged in the subframe hole, the only issue I had (nothing to do with the kit) was that the bolt size is imperial and my tools were metric, off to the shop to get the right size wrench and bingo!!! The bolt was tightened in!!

Fitted wheels back, lowered the car, went for a test drive and haven't stopped smiling, vibration GONE!!!! As to the shop, they will be hearing from me as soon as they open on Monday!! Hub centric rings cost me $20 for the lot, the bill from the shop run to hundreds!!
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