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SLS troubleshooting

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SLS troubleshooting

Post by scarab » Wed Oct 07, 2020 3:43 am

I’m not sure if my SLS is working properly. Honestly there’s not much information about it, everyone just gets rid of it and I don’t wanna go that route. I figured my SLS pump was running all the time, I’m not sure if that’s expected behavior. There was a small leak underneath it so I decided to rebuild it. I’ve purchased the kit from Ray and installed it. Today I mount the pump back and refilled the reservoir with fresh Febi M6162. The leak is gone, I let the pump run for like 15 minutes and seems to be working fine as the fluid level went down from max to min. Ride height went up about half an inch. But the pump kept running, it turns off for a while only once I hit the brake pedal. Is this normal? Once I turned the ignition off fluid level went back from min to max in like 5 minutes. I don’t see any leaks on shocks or anywhere but I’m still not sure if that’s the way SLS should work. Here is the stance of my E24 before pump rebuild. Is it normal or low?
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Re: SLS troubleshooting

Post by Sbeaud » Thu Oct 08, 2020 12:17 am

Hard to say with a picture on a dirt surface. But the tire to fender opening would suggest it's off. I'll show my vehicle as reference, but I can't vouch that it meets factory trim level.
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