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Choosing an ECU for my L6 Turbo

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Choosing an ECU for my L6 Turbo

Post by jebner2 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:09 pm

Hello all,

I am looking for the most cost effective turbo ECU system for my m30b34 in my 1987 BMW L6 which is running a pre 1.3 Motronic ECU. My plans are to turbo my L6 as I came across a 745i manifold, k27 rebuilt turbo, diverter valve, down pipe, and miscellaneous piping. I am looking at the Mega squirt solution but wanted to check and see whether anyone has experience wiring the 35 pin connector to a Megasquirt 2.0 and what additional sensors will need to be added in order to get the car to operate properly. From my understanding the items listed below to have a working Megasquirt with my current Motoronic ECU:
  • Variable Throttle Position Sensor from a newer BMW
  • high impedance injectors
  • MapDaddy 4 Bar MAP Sensor with Barometric Correction
  • MegaSquirt PWM IAC Valve Control
  • A MegaSquirt Boost Controller mod kit and electric boost controller
  • a breakout board for my 35 Pin connector and a pigtail from the Megasquirt (Available at SSSquid)
  • 60 2 crank trigger wheel and position sensor from a later E28 or E34
  • an intake air temp sensor.
Am I missing any items that I might need in order to boost my M30B34? Would it be more cost effective and less of a headache to switch my car to the Motronic 1.3 system and what would that involve? My car is also the automatic transmission so I do not know if I need any other controllers or extra wiring in order to have everything work. With all of this extra stuff I have to buy would it be less expensive just to go with the Miller War chip or is that chip less capable and not worth moving too? Just looking for advice on how you guys would go about accomplishing what I am trying to do. My goal is around 400 WHP and similar torque figures and I am going to put an MLS Head gasket and APR Studs. I eventually also want to convert to a Getrag 260 so that I can use that power effectively but since the turbo parts were a tough deal to pass on I decided to start with some boost.
1987 BMW L6

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Re: Choosing an ECU for my L6 Turbo

Post by bpoliakoff » Tue Oct 23, 2018 6:42 pm

Contact Todd at TCD......Turbo Charge Dynamics
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