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Removal of 30mm driveshaft flange nut

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Re: Removal of 30mm driveshaft flange nut

Post by 635sharknose » Wed May 06, 2020 6:21 am

It is hard to see on the photo but the spot on the seal in definitely convex, not concave. You can see that the “scratch" was in there for a longer period and that the seal formed itself in this scratch. Couldn't think of a better word than scratch, perhaps gouge or gap is a better word. But as I'm Dutch (we do have a language of our own :D) it isn't easy to always find the exact words. Especially as the English language has more words than our language, which means different words for different expressions or situations. Could be that in my language we only have one word for it and in English you will have 2 or 3.

I assume that they used something like a (adjustable) wrench or so to lever it out and that the leverage point was exactly where the scratch is. I assume that the back of the wrench scratched over the bore and broke the aluminium away.

Anyway, I ordered the JB Weld, and going to repair it, when needed seal with Curil and it will be fixed.
Will only add a small amount of it, good tip, Ralph.
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