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Preserving Our Digital Heritage

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Preserving Our Digital Heritage

Post by sansouci » Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:15 pm

I see all these websites as part of the BMW digital heritage. The question is "How will it be preserved and who will pay to do it?" Clearly after some of us pass on (or even before if we let our picture hosting expire) our files and contributions would be lost. For example, there is a 242 page blog from the late Norm Grills that has been restored by the "way back machine" but otherwise could have been lost. The cars may linger on as DD's, museum pieces, etc., but need the context of a user community. Some libraries have extensive digital collections (the Philadelphia has an automotive collection of books which are being digitized). Not only are the technical manuals valuable, but also the problem solving dialogs, restoration achievements, useful case histories and upgrading/mod are worthy.
Clearly the best positioned to preserve this is BMW A.G. (or Google for that matter as part of their digitization project). So how do we do this?
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