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Bmw service history! (For those of us without)

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Bmw service history! (For those of us without)

Post by Maverick » Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:00 pm

So, my car came with a wad of receipts, and I've added a bigger one to it! But sadly the service history was missing, the old boy who previously had the car had put it somewhere 'safe'..
Anyway, I decided to go a bit columbo, an email to [email protected]
And a bit of sweet talking and they were able to tell me the original dealer AND some of the cars history (obviously it's not all online but from 2000 onwards most of my services and brake fluid changes etc were there!) So, a nice chat to Vines and Chandlers and with my V5 and passport in hand I bought a new service book, complete with my service stamps.. and Chandlers have said they will also be able to stamp my book without too much hassle and print records of work out!.. very pleased!
Obviously, not complete but it's better than no book at all! :D
I have to say, BMW are pretty fantastic and (along with Vw and Audi which I also own) seem to employ a really helpful and friendly staff. The amount of times I've bothered the parts dept with odd requests and they've always come up trumps!
Anyway, thought it might be useful to anyone trying to dig up history on their old nail!
1988 635csi highline shadowline Black/Grey leather ... tucked away for the winter being rebuilt! :-)

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