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85 euro m635csi - my project

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Re: 85 euro m635csi - my project

Post by cofred » Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:12 pm

I too went back with the single row set up mostly because I knew I wasn't going to put another 60-100k miles on it again and I didn't want to machine the head. Luckily 15 years ago when I did it, all the parts were readily available. I went ahead and just pulled the engine while time consuming on the front and back ends allowed me the access I felt In needed to be accurate (probably overly paranoid, but...). Plus I had the opportunity to clean the engine and engine bay really well.

Re: the exhaust sprocket, I wonder if a good machine shop could modify the double row so that it would fit?? Might be a dumb suggestion, but might be worth a shot. Maybe they could put it on a lathe and gradually machine the space between the inner and outer sprocket? Or maybe there is another method that would work. If it were me, after all that work, putting that old sprocket would continually pop up in my admittedly obsessive mind.

Thanks for sharing! Looks great!
'85 M635

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