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new project for me, with lots of help from you!

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new project for me, with lots of help from you!

Post by Grapedude » Fri Sep 28, 2018 1:00 am

Ok, so I've bought my project car which i posted pictures ofa month or so back....the white '86 with Msport stripes on the nose and Alpinas. Now I've also decided that in the short term I shall add a turbo and manual gearbox as well as change the seats from pinky-dirty cream to black. So far nothing unusual, and yes I've searched for all the good tech articles here and at Mye28...great section about forced induction! So next thing is to find a manual conversion and hey presto one pops e24 with rear impact damage and written off. Manual. Black leather interior. So I agree to buy it and get it back to my place. Trouble is, and here's where the questions start coming, in my over eagerness I didn't ask the BIG QUESTION.... and it turns out to be an '81 E12 based model. So as far as I can see the center consul will swap, the pedal box will swap, the seats are manual rather than electric so I have to decide if i can swap covers to keep electric or convince myself that the weight saving with be worth loosing the electric seats...only me driving anyway... but does the earlier gearbox still fit the later engine...I know the two have different bore/stroke but is the block the same? They are both M30 3.5 so I'm gonna guess that they are but just in case...... (anybody want any e12 635 NZ?) Cheers all, Hamish.

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