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Good things begin on Jan. 12, 2009!!

Document your Sixer project here.

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Re: Good things begin on Jan. 12, 2009!!

Post by Tommys 89 635 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 4:34 pm

Even though there are a few bumps in the road, glad to hear things are coming along.
Paint looks great
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Re: Good things begin on Jan. 12, 2009!!

Post by jps635 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:40 am

I replaced my heater core as a pre-emptive strike while the engine was out last year. It's not a job I would ever want to do again and took 3 weekends, but not overly difficult. I managed to do this only removing seats, centre console, glove box and lower dash panel, and the fan covers on engine side.

I even managed to leave the heater cables connected. I can imagine disconnecting these being an absolute nightmare. The most difficult aspects:
  • lining up the heater box and reconnecting the ducting
  • getting the centre console back in - easy removing without the gearbox but with this back in wasn't
  • re-installing the glove box. I've done this several times now and find it a real pain
  • reconnecting the backlighting
I didn't reinstall the air-con box so this was a bonus.
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Re: Good things begin on Jan. 12, 2009!!

Post by Masked Man » Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:27 am


Okay, first, thanks to jps635 and Tommy for helpful and kind words. Danke!
And now to the next order of business. After driving Grace, Doug Park commented that the single best thing I could do to improve engine performance was to "chip" Grace. Furthermore, he pointed me to speednutz on ebay, who sells used Dinan chips as the place to go. Well, a used Dinan chip was $89.00 delivered (via USPS).

My biggest complaint with Grace has always been the lack of acceleration throughout the rpm range and especially off of idle. It's why I swapped out the original fuel injectors for the Mustang replacements and why I swapped out the original 3.25 open differential for a 3.73LSD. These changes helped because make no mistake, Grace was a slug before.

The change! THE CHANGE! Folks, it took my breath away! THIS is the car I had hoped I was buying on January 12, 2009. This simple plug and play change gave me a car that, while NOT tire smoking or whiplash inducing, is still so different and thrilling to drive, it's as though I have a different Grace to drive now. The power is strong, steady and very linear and it just builds and builds! I swear to you I am NOT a shill for speednutz. He was very conscientious that I get the correct chip. Grace uses a Dinan Chip number D900-3522. It arrived early and was a piece of cake to install. The key matter is to position the little divot which is at one end of each chip, identical to the way the one being removed was positioned.

Keep the shiny side up

Masked Man

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