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Northeast League of Idiots aka "Idiot Fest"

Pictures and talk about US fests and gatherings with the E24 as the primary focus

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Northeast League of Idiots aka "Idiot Fest"

Post by FewofM » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:58 am

A certain group of E24 owners, led by TCD Taylor Marshall and Ron Suabedissen have for years gathered each fall in fairly remote locations for a low-key event to celebrate their non-pretentious love of the PB designed shark. Self-proclaimed idiots - tunnel-visioned, closed-minded men and one lone enthusiast woman, with a collection of BMWs that rivals most any on either side of the pond gather not for wine and cheese at a vineyard, nor for the fame and glory of being anointed cleanest, fasted or cruddiest but for the powerful friendships and unequivocal common interests shared in owning this not so common automobile. Attendees stay at a previously chosen ultra low budget motel, arriving on a Friday evening for inexpensive and tasteless American beer and food, typically frozen hamburger patties and greasy fries and, well, more beer. Those who escape alcohol and food poisoning awaken mid-morning on the following Saturday for the traditional Suaby mapped drive that usually covers a neighboring state, beautiful scenery including autumn foliage and well, more beer, food and laughter for lunch before a drive back to the motel and then more food and a customary bonfire on the grounds of the motel, sharing more good times, memories and of course, the occasional breakdown stories that for some reason are always more tolerable when its in happens to be in an E24. As with other gatherings of shark-minded men and women, breakfast is always a treat on Sunday morning before departure back to most attendees' otherwise boring and mundane 180 days of hibernation with their sharks as they await messaging announcing a date and location from their fearless Southeast Sharkfest leader, Kai Xing of the annual east of the Mississippi gathering that garners far more and geographically disperse attendance.

As Grand Idiot of Rhode Island, a title bestowed on me by Taylor and a recently newly active member of BC, I'm pleased to provide a late announcement of the dates of this year's Idiot Fest, being October 13 and 14 here in the tiny state of Rhode Island. 'Fest will be stepped up from a trashy motel to a lovely place called the Founder's Brook Inn, situated on Aquidneck Island, which also houses the city by the sea known as Newport, which will be part of the Saturday drive as Newport's 12 mile Ocean Drive is truly one of the most picturesque twelve miles on all of the East Coast. Clam Shacks featuring RI "chowda" and deep fried goodies will replace the burgers on Friday night and similarly the drive will be a mix of Surf and Turf, allowing attendees to not just experience the Ocean State's beautiful coast, but the beautiful suspension bridges, coastal lighthouses and some of the most rural and curvy back roads known to mankind. Lunch will be at the fabulous Tavern on the Water in Smithfield, and the trek back to the Inn will feature a stop in Providence's Little Italy (Federal Hill) and a tour of the East Bay before stopping at the State's only German Restaurant in Bristol.

Please email [email protected] or Jeff at [email protected] for more info. You can contact the motel directly at (401) 683-1244 for reservations. Just tell the operator that you're interested in joining the fellow idiots on the 13th and 14th.

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Re: Northeast League of Idiots aka "Idiot Fest"

Post by ozbmwnut » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:33 pm

Wow. Sounds very entertaining. Looking forward to seeing plenty of pics please...
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Re: Northeast League of Idiots aka "Idiot Fest"

Post by Dimi555 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:47 pm

I would be interested if there will be a meet-up in 2018.

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