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Any News for 2018?

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:26 pm
by Wrappedbysb
New to the Shark game this year and missed out on SESF this past spring, so I was just wondering if there was any news on it for 2018 yet.

Re: Any News for 2018?

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:12 am
by e24mpwr
Not yet

Re: Any News for 2018?

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:40 am
by Ed Lyerly
Hello All,
I know it's getting a bit late for planning, so I wanted to give everyone an update as to the status of Southeast Sharkfest 2018. Whether by arbitrary luck or a four-year cycle of relentless phone calls on my part, the location is confirmed for the Zentrum in Greer, SC. Those of us who have been with our event since 2006 may recall that we have been graciously allowed to return every four years. Our last visit was in 2014, so I guess it's our time again. :) A HUGE thanks again to Greg Bunner and the folks at BMW Manufacturing for their continuing kindness towards our group.

(The Zentrum @ BMW Manufacturing in Greer, SC)

The Catch:
I can't confirm the date yet. We BELIEVE it will be April 21st, but that is NOT a certainty. It may be the following week of April 28th. A big part of this uncertainty is due to the fact that we're negotiating to see if we can work out something with the Performance Center - However, their method of operation has changed since the last time we were there and they now require a fixed cost, regardless of the number of participants. This poses a significant issue for us as there is no good way to determine what to charge our membership for the event, since our cost would change dependent on how many people signed up. If we guess wrong and are 10 people short, it would wind up costing the event thousands. We are working diligently on a solution for this so bear with, but it is possible the Performance Center just will not happen for us this year. :(
Our 2017 Summary Video!

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Sharkfest website, you've missed our new homepage which boasts a wonderful video, produced for us last year by Jamey Erickson and Wits End Productions. They are a commercial media outfit and graciously donated their time to develop this wonderful short. A huge thank you to them for their support of our 2017 event.
2017 Awards Update
It came to our attention (through being advised by Mike himself) that Mike Gray was erroneously awarded 3rd place in Clean class for the 2017 event. Due to having won Clean class the previous year, he was ineligible for a Clean class award and was supposed to have been placed in Super Clean. We may have had a clerical error on our end, but regardless, the rightful 3rd place award holder in Clean is Tat Au with his beautiful, green 1985 M6 (US test mule). Congratulations to Tat and a big thanks to Mike for bringing this to our attention and helping us make it right.
We will keep everyone in the loop as the schedule finalization progresses. Hopefully we will know something here within the next few weeks. We wish everyone Happy Holidays and a joyful and healthy New Year!
Kai Xing
Director, Southeast Sharkfest, Inc.

Re: Any News for 2018?

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:47 am
by Ed Lyerly
This is from Kai this weekend..... SESF date is the weekend of April 28th
Annnnnd we're live!
Alright folks, it's on. Registration is finally up and running!
Register for Southeast Sharkfest 2018.
We were waiting to get confirmation and online reservations set up with the Marriott in Spartanburg, SC. For those of you who were not present during our last visit in 2014, Marriott has a beautiful property and they have once again invited us to park some of our best e9, e24 and e31 examples in the hotel lobby throughout our event.
We were able to negotiate a significantly discounted group rate of $134/night, which will include wifi, designated covered parking (specifically set aside for our group), AND as a new bonus for us this year: full hot breakfast for two. We run out of rooms every single year in our hotel block, so please:

Click here for the Southeast Sharkfest Marriott Reservations site and make your booking now to ensure you don't miss being together with the group.
Kai Xing

Director, Southeast Sharkfest, Inc.