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Great brake line flaring tool.

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Great brake line flaring tool.

Post by Da_Hose » Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:48 pm

Hey peoples,

I had an adventure with my daughter's mini, which resulted in buying an AWESOME tool I think many of us could use. The whole thing started with using my pressure bleeder ball to do some standard maintenance, and flush the brake fluid. After the car came off my mid-rise lift, I noticed a pool of fluid, and thought it might be a leaking clutch slave cylinder, but after taking out the airbox I found it was bone dry. When I looked underneath, I saw that the rear brake lines had friggin rusted through, right at the first body clip underneath. Looking for replacement lines I found that there is no such thing as pre-bent rear hard lines. I had to make them, but making hard brake lines has always been an issue, because of the bubble flare used by BMW and so many European brands. Titan tools to the rescue! I bought this Titan 51535 tool on Amazon for $50.

The anvil is two sided, and can make a double flare, but using only the OP1 side of the anvil, I ended up with perfectly shaped, leak free bubble flares. Clamping the tool in a vice made flaring the new lines SUPER easy, and flaring the lines still connected under the car was fairly easy as well. You just need to be careful of twisting the end while you hold the handle. If you need to put bubble, or double flares on 3/16" brake line, this 51535 too is the BEST I have ever seen, and used.

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