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Restored Alpina B9 motor, CR dogleg box, 3.07LSD (Tentatively sold)

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Restored Alpina B9 motor, CR dogleg box, 3.07LSD (Tentatively sold)

Post by xkman » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:50 pm

I have a fully restored Alpina B9 motor FS. The motor came out of a B9 that was a total loss car (flood damage).
It’s essentially a long block (no intake, no exhaust, fuel, ignition). It currently has an E9 oil pump and sump, which would need to be changed out depending on the target car.

I say restored and not rebuilt because Mario at VSR1 did a full makeover on the motor inside and out. It looks like it just came out of an Alpina crate. Everything was kept to Alpina spec (eg we didn’t swap in a Schrick cam or different pistons/valves).

I also have a rebuilt 5sd CR non-OD box (euro e24), with a rebuilt driveshaft and a used 3.07 LSD (early e24, side loader).

Price: (tentatively sold)

This is NOT the best bang for your buck if your goal is cheapest HP (get a super charger). It’s for someone who appreciates having a piece of history under the hood.


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