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Bought another Bimmer

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Bought another Bimmer

Post by BlackBetty » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:27 pm

Hi Guys, have a question for those of you in the rust/salt belt ..
Bought an 1997 E38, 740il, nice car, immaculate shape, everything works and "0" rust... no seriously, not a spot on it, PO never drove it in the winter...

Wanted something a little more of a comfort cruiser, for weekend get-a-ways and road trips, and this sure fits the bill.... still have my '88 635 tho, that is my daily from May-October..
The question I have is, unlike my E24, I might have to drive this one in the winter on occasion, and would like to do something as a rust preventative, this thing is just to nice to let go to hell here in the Midwest..

Not really wanting to slobber black undercoat on the thing, are there any other options? That anyone had luck with with their car?
In a previous life we used a product called "corrosion X" in airplanes, it was a thin oilbased fluid that would be sprayed with the help of long booms and nozzles in every nook and cranny we could mist it in, plane would look like crap for a flight or 2 while it all ozzed out, but after that it left a nice film over everything.. of course this was for aluminum in a non salt environment... is there somethng like that for cars that works?

They really like their liquid Brine here in NW Ohio, hell, they will dump it by the tanker load , regardless of temp.... on a nice sunny winter day, you litterly get salt dust storms on the road from the tires kicking up dried brine... it really gets into everything,under the hood, filters etc... much more than the old rocksalt used to do...
Would really like to preserve this one for as long as possible..
1988 Black 635 csi, 130 k miles

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Re: Bought another Bimmer

Post by brickwhite » Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:26 pm

fluidfilm works well.


I wouldn't worry about rust on a e38.

I'd worry about all the electronics that like to go bad.

The fuse board in under the rear seat on the floor don't let any water leak in there or....

Keep an eye on window, door and Sunroof seals. If they leak at all you may have big problems.

Just my .02
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