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Epic fail - newer BMW "quality"...

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Epic fail - newer BMW "quality"...

Post by GRNSHRK » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:53 pm

Gents (and ladies #-o ) came across this rather funny photo, although I doubt that the owner of the Bimmer thinks so [-X

Having owned several later model BMW's, I can attest to the lack of quality they appear to exhibit these days :(

I kinda laughed when my brake MC finally went out 2 years ago, after "only" 35 years of service :-"

The missus current ride, a 2011 F10 538i, amazes me at what has already crapped out or was otherwise needing repair and/or replacement :shock:

Case in point, the weather "stripping" under the hood was crumbling, thinking that these strips could be replaced without much ado :-k

But no, the parts counter guy comes out with these 2 HUGE boxes :shock:

I figured that can't be right, but sure enough, these weather strips are attached to giant plastic covers and can only be replaced as such :-&

I bit the bullet and picked them up, and no, don't bother asking me how much they set me back [-X

It also occurred to me that since they were in stock, I wasn't the only person replacing them :-({|=

So keep your old Bimmers up and running fellas \:D/

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Re: Epic fail - newer BMW "quality"...

Post by Pod » Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:28 pm

Doesn’t surprise me. I bought a new front bumper blade for my M635CSi about ten years ago. It went rusty within a few weeks. I returned it to my local Main Dealer (now gone bust) for replacement. That one went rusty as well and I was told that BMW quality control isn’t what it once was and that any further replacement was a waste of time :x

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Re: Epic fail - newer BMW "quality"...

Post by LandShark » Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:02 am

It's like they're trying to experiment on their already enamored clientele. Plastic water pump impellers, complex VANOS mechanisms, 15,000 miles oil changes. ... p?t=868291

I'll be quiet now.
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