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Shop lift for home use

Basic needs related to restoring a 6er including
Electronics, Bodywork, Welding, Painting, Engine Swap, etc
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Re: Shop lift for home use

Post by Da_Hose » Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:36 pm

I considered wheel stands too, but when you raise a car, the wheels drop fully, and camber way inward. When you lower the car back onto the wheels, they push outward again. I would be VERY concerned about a stand tipping as the weight comes down on it. The solution would be stands with wheels and locks, but that is also a bit unnerving. That makes stands which support at the frame/body much more appealing to me.

I finally had a chance to use my tall stands with that scissor jack this weekend. I was dropping the rear sub-frame out of my 2002, and needed to re-position the lift pads. I was able to leave the car at full lift, and just raise the rear of the car by centering the jack on the sub-frame, right under the differential. Then I broke the sub-frame loose, and used the jack to control the drop of the sub-frame, making sure everything was clear. That allowed for a nice easy lowering down to the floor, using some rope and S-hooks as pulleys. I think I will get an extra jack, and fit it with an attachment mechanism so it holds on to the jack-stand post tightly.

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Re: Shop lift for home use

Post by Jono B good » Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:09 pm

You always go really old school and dig a pit. That's my grandfather used to have at his old ESSO station back in the 70's :D
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