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1987 635CsiA For Sale - California

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1987 635CsiA For Sale - California

Post by Jens6er » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:45 pm

Hi All, (please forgive the long post but I believe in being thorough)

Attached is a "glamour" shot of my car at Pacific Sharkfest last year. I've spent the past 8+ years taking loving care of this car.

The Good: (work within the last 2 years)
braided stainless steel brake lines
new coolant reservoir tank
new timing chain, guides, seals etc.
new valve cover gasket
new oil pan gasket
new "duck" gasket (basically the car was leaking from everywhere, and it was all fixed)
new thermostat
new cap & rotor
New O2 sensor
new Hankook Ventus S2 tires (235/45/17) - H&R 10mm spacers all around
34% tint on rear windshield and rear windows (very light, just to cool down the greenhouse)
new OE radio telescoping antenna (Hirschmann)
New front brakes/rotors, have set of new-in-box Cool Carbon ceramic pads for rear. Decent wear of rear rotors.
Replacement rear subframe (during oil pan gasket replacement)

Less recent, but within 3-4 years:
repaired steering box mounting bracket (welded by independent BMW shop)
suspension bushings & various arms replaced (one to go)
Bilstein HD shocks and struts
BBS Style 42 wheels, 2 piece
Reupholstered front comfort seats - rear and rest of interior leather (Pearl Beige) original and in good condition
All electrics work - front seats need a little tweak. Estimate is $100.
factory sunroof in good condition
complete A/C replacement/repair, converted to R134

Other stuff:
H1/H4 Hella headlamps
LSD (need to verify ratio, but I think is 3.71)
factory rear cooler unit in backseat
new Pioneer head unit with bluetooth, mic. Original speakers are fine.
Original exhaust is a little tired, but hanging in there
I have a thick file of receipts under my ownership, some I got going back to 1990s

The Bad:
cracked dash
leaking head gasket - yes, this is the bad one. This was discovered back in December, not long after fixing all the *other* leaks to the tune of $3K at my trusty independent shop.
instrument cluster needs repair - tach, odo gears, temp gauge. A new motherboard from ProGramma is around $100-200.
^^Mileage shows 167K miles - it's more like 190K.
cruise control stalk was tightened, but now motor isn't working. It was working fine until recently
needs heater valve for A/C to work (new A/C quit after 2 weeks, this is the part I'm told I need)
drivers door lock assembly needs replacement
In-tank fuel pump is kaput - I'd replace the in-line fuel pump & filter at same time
One wheel is out of true, and the spare wheel has some curb rash
Front spoiler on the car is cracked & not worth saving, but I'm willing to throw in one from a parted out '85 w/ OE fog lamps. It just needs a little clean up & paint. I have all the brackets.

I've gotten estimates for most of the issues listed above. It's not too bad, if you are familiar with these cars and do some of the work yourself. Depending on how long the car takes to sell, some of the above issues may be handled, especially the head. Right now, I'm unable to do the work due to an upcoming surgery in July, and a 6 week recovery.

The car has a salvage title from an actually very minor accident in 2010, where the driver side wing was replaced and a couple trim pieces were replaced.

I'll throw it out there to you all, open to offers. I hate to sell, and of course I will regret it, but I made a promise to my husband once medical bills started piling up, that something has to give. I can promise that the new owner is starting out with a pretty damn decent car, and it has easy potential to be AWESOME.

Thanks for hanging in this far!

Jenifer S.
The Shark is in Richmond, CA, in my garage.
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Re: 1987 635CsiA For Sale - California

Post by JCS » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:10 pm

To All Members,

I also rebuilt her bimmers Brake Booster, a few years ago, and can attest, of Jen being a very committed sixer owner, and active at the Pacific Sharkfest.
She also kept her shark in good condition, during her ownership.

Good luck to her, as she needs a 635 Bimmer fan to give her best value, for her 635.

'88 M6, Red/Tan
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Re: 1987 635CsiA For Sale - California

Post by Jens6er » Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:35 pm

=D> Thanks, Jay! How could I forget!? You saved me a chunk of cash & headache.
1987 635Csi Schwarz/Tan

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