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Looking for some insights on the L6 model :)

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Looking for some insights on the L6 model :)

Post by Flex » Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:55 pm

Is there any write up about the L6 model that can answear whether it was trully built only in 1987 (as stated i.e. in Wikipedia)? I've seen a picture (attached to the post), which tells that they were produced later too.

I've seen many 88/89 cars having L6 sticker on the door (mine from 02.1988 also has it). Or maybe they were just universal sickers? I have seen some cars produced after 06.1987 with factory manual transmission still having the L6 sticker on the door, while numerous places tell that L6 was only automatic.

Does anyone have any data how many L6 were build (if any) after 06.1987? :-"
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