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SLS Delete and Overhaul

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SLS Delete and Overhaul

Post by ryates » Sat May 23, 2020 7:09 am

Hi Sharkies,

I have finally decided to do a full front and rear suspension overhaul on my 88 Shark.

I had my mechanic help with front end control arms, upper and lower , sway bar , tie rod etc overhaul and its now time to attack the suspension .

I have order Bilstein B4 for the front and Rear. Will keep front springs and am awaiting feedback on stock height rear springs (Maybe used ones) . Have also ordered bump stops, dust covers/boots, shock mounts And rear cover and gaskets , spring pads, And rear trailing arms.

I have seen some vids on YouTube relating to suspensions overhaul on a 5 series (I think) but nothing showing a step by step guide overhaul on a E24 with SLS.

I will most likely just cap the lines and leave the rear pump and accumulators in place if I decide to sell in the future and someone is keen to convert back.

Has anyone seen a step by step write up on this or can provide some tips ??.

I understand this isn’t too difficult but my blood doesn’t run think with mechanical know-how and I wld hate to stuff this up. I have already spent way too much coin with my local German mechanic who charges a good rate as he trained on old bimmers - but keen to keep my money in my pocket

Thanks in advance guys,


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Re: SLS Delete and Overhaul

Post by plip1953 » Sat May 23, 2020 10:59 am

It's a pretty straightforward job.

Have you ordered completely new front units - or just a set of inserts? If the latter, the only tricky bit I found was unwinding the old shockers from the bottom section of the struts - for which there is a tool.

The length of a standard uncompressed rear spring on my car (removed at around 65k miles) is 36.5cms.

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Re: SLS Delete and Overhaul

Post by ryates » Sun May 24, 2020 2:20 pm

Hi Phil,

I’ve noticed that it is a bit of a struggle to unwind the front struts inserts without that customized tool- but have seen people use a wrench too. I will only be replacing front struts and hopefully my springs are not compressed and can be reused.

Replacing the entire rear sls struts and springs though. Do the new B4 strut inserts fit into The existing SlS strut unit ? I have been told they do.


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