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1983 BMW 633CSi E24 5-Speed - $6,000 – Plano (DFW), Texas

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1983 BMW 633CSi E24 5-Speed - $6,000 – Plano (DFW), Texas

Post by JoelR » Sun May 24, 2020 1:26 am

1983 BMW 633CSi E24 5-Speed - $6,000 – Plano (DFW), Texas - 168k miles
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This Shark has been my daily driver for the past 6 years, and it is time for it to find a new home. As a teenager in the 80's, the 6-Series was one of those cars that stoked my interest in cars, and I knew that one day I would actually own one. So six years ago I embarked on a quest to start checking cars off of my “short list” with a plan to drive them for about 5 years and then move to the next one on the list. It was also an experiment to see if I could operate a 30+ year old premium German car for about the same money as it took to run my Lexus GS. Well, after 6 years, the verdict is in, and it cost me no more (maybe even a little less) than the Lexus (which I kept and gave to my son).

This particular 633 is in very good original condition, and it is like a time capsule back to the mid-80's. The black (Schwarz) paint is original and still shines, and the Pearl Beige leather is original as well with no tears or cracks, but the stitching on the drivers seat is coming undone. The 1983 model marked the switch to the updated E28 platform with its improved suspension and lighter weight.

As nice as it is, it is not perfect, and I will attempt to detail all of the flaws as best I can.

1. The Air Conditioner has been upgraded to R-134a and blows cold.
2. Dashboard has cracked in several places. From the driver's seat, most of them are hidden from view, so it is not distracting from that standpoint.
3. SI (Service Interval) Board is not functioning. This is a common problem in the E24 that is usually rectified with new NiCd batteries. I replaced the batteries, but it only solved the problem temporarily. I have since covered the annoying SI light with black tape. (The SI light was intended to remind you when to have regular service performed on your car, not to indicate problems with the car.)
4. Brake Lining indicator stays on, but I have replaced both sensors, and the pads are fine.
5. Instantaneous Fuel Economy gauge only works about 25% of the time.
6. Temperature gauge occasionally jumps around but operates properly most of the time.
7. Headlight Switch can be a bit fiddly but does still work.
8. Left Rear Side Window motor does not work. All other windows and sunroof work fine.
9. I installed an aftermarket Bluetooth/USB head unit. I have the original, but only the left channel works.
10. Original shift knob leather was getting worn, so I put it in the glovebox to preserve it and installed a later model knob.

1. Door dings along both doors. (It was that way when I bought it. I don't park next to other cars.)
2. Front nose piece appears to have been repainted at some point, and the paint is cracking, as well as having a small section of paint that came off next to the kidney grille.
3. Small hail dents: 1 on the hood and 1 on the roof.
4. Trunk has a pair of dents on the trailing edge that were there when I bought it.
5. Pinstriping was in bad shape and has been removed, but not without some blemishes.
6. Small rust areas behind 3 of the wheel wells.
7. Rear emblem just lost half of its coloring.
8. Power antenna motor not working. Antenna is in up position.
9. Windshield has scratches on the drivers side.
10. Wheels are from 1995 525i (15x7). Original 14” wheels are included in the sale.

1. Left front wheel bearing is grumbling.
2. Windshield washers don't spray. Wipers are fine.
3. Exhaust: resonator and rear box replaced with glass packs. Only minimally louder than stock.
4. Steering reinforcement bolted in but not welded.
5. Gear shift bushings need replacement.
6. Drivers side door lock intermittently functional at best.
7. Less than 4k miles on new tires (11/19).

I believe I am the 4th owner. The first owner was a doctor or dentist in Utah who bought a his and hers 633 and 733. It then journeyed south to New Mexico from 2006-2010. Then it came to Texas to be the daily driver of a racing instructor's wife. After she was done with it, I found it at Cars and Coffee in Plano and bought it in 2014.
I have the original owners manual as well as the Bentley service manual.

Fun Facts
1. Amazon uses a photo of this particular car if you put a 1983 633CSi in your garage.
2. This car was featured in a "German Cars For Sale Blog - 10K Black Friday Comparison" in 2013 and beat out a Porsche 944. ( ... mw-633csi/)

Service Record
I have records dating back to 2006. The PO and I have detailed documentation with lots of receipts showing all of the parts and money put into this vehicle. I can email you an Excel spreadsheet if desired.

The price is very reasonable at $6,000 – cash only and in person.
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1983 633CSi 5-speed Black & Tan
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