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e12 rear suspension e28 upgrade

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e12 rear suspension e28 upgrade

Post by Grapedude » Sun Jun 28, 2020 1:29 am

I'm currently in the middle of building an e12 based coupe that will have a forced induction motor. As part of this upgrade I have managed to source a couple of large case lsd diffs (3.07 & 3.45) and am now looking into upgrading the rear subframe, driveshafts/hubs and suspension to enable the extra power to be handled and to give me better options for aftermarket shocks/springs/brakes etc. Now the question is: I have been offered a e28 525i rear setup. It is not the same as a 535i/m5 rear which would be ideal but will it be strong enough and enable the changes I want? 535i rear end for e28 are not common in NZ so waiting for one to turn up is fairly pointless. Is there an alternative ie e32 rear end with mods? they're a bit more common.

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