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Heater Control Valve - ($16 fix)

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Heater Control Valve - ($16 fix)

Post by anchored » Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:30 pm

So as we all know the heater control valve for these cars is absolute garbage and the replacements and rebuild kits are way worse.

There was some talk on the e28 group about using the e46 one so I gave it a shot but did it the cheap way!

Went to a Pull a Part junk yard and bought the following:

- Entrance fee ($2)

- e46 Heater control Valve ($6)
Make sure you get the connecter and like 6in of wiring.

- e46 Heater control valve bracket. ($1)
I just used an electric hacksaw and cut it off.

- e39 Heater hose ($1)
I got this because it had a right angle bend In it and thought it would work, you might need to mix and match stuff to get a good connection. There is probably a better hose to replace the original one but I put very little effort into this.

(total $10)

Went to an auto part store and got a 3/4 in Straight hose connector and some hose clamps ($6)

(Final Total $16)


The install

1. Took the bracket. hammered the tab flat and drilled a hole on the old mounting tab to match the existing holes and painted it black.

2. Test fit

3. Added a self tapper on the top to hold better. Sealed the screw to prevent rust

4. Connect up the hoses.
The e46 HCV is backwards flow from the E24 so the sideways hose now goes on the bottom barb and the vertical hose now connects to the top barb.

You will need to do some work to make the vertical hose connect to the top barb. I am not totally happy with my set up using the e39 hose but it does work and it was cheap. an elbow connector might be better to prevent strain on the hose.


5. Connect wires as shown (Red -> Green/black) ... (Yellow -> Green/Brown)

(I have backed this page up on if the photos were ever to go down) ... 9&p=227538
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