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Expansion Tank Hoses and Charcoal Canister Hose

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Expansion Tank Hoses and Charcoal Canister Hose

Post by KINGJOHN808 » Thu May 12, 2022 8:55 am

Aloha all,

If you have never changed your expansion tank or charcoal canister hoses, take a good look at them. I kept getting the smell of fuel (faint but still there) in my trunk. After changing the fuel pump gasket, smell didn’t go away. That’s when I realized that the expansion tank with 4 hoses was in the trunk.

Ordered 11 feet of 6mm (ID) hose and set out to change from the fuel filler neck to the expansion tank. Glad I did this as the braiding was the only think keeping the hoses attached.

Entire process took about an hour because it was tough to get the factory hose clamps off without breaking the expansion valve tips (entire unit is made out of plastic). Also changed the fuel cap for good measure.

Moved onto the vapor line (8mm ID) between the hardline and charcoal canister. Same ordeal, original BMW hose clamps are a bitch to get off. Always had a strong smell of gas under the hood and finally figure out where it was coming from. Then”rubber hose” had hardened to almost plastic consistency. When trying to remove, just crumbled and fell apart.

Quick change and glad to announce that my trunk no longer smells of fuel nor the under the hood. Hoo Hoo!

So, if you haven’t checked, give them a tug or a wiff.

Good luck!
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