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negative feedback - UK seller

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negative feedback - UK seller

Post by sideshowbob » Thu Jul 15, 2021 3:29 pm

Looking for a bit of help regarding detective work on a person who trades in used BMW bits on Ebay.

I am in the process of converting my E24 to a manual gearbox and found a used manual propshaft on Ebay. I contacted the seller and agreed a price and the propshaft was duly despatched and arrived as far so good.

The next item I was struggling to locate was a manual flywheel. I contacted the seller of the propshaft and he told me he had a suitable flywheel but he would have to split an engine and gearbox to sell it to me.

This he duly did and then sent me photographs of the flywheel. The flywheel was a bit pitted so we agreed after several phone calls, texts and emails that he would have the flywheel machined and cleaned up. This was done and again pictures were supplied even of one the flywheel on a set of scales (10kg)

A price for the flywheel and the work was agreed and including P&P it was £385.00, which I paid to him through Paypal Friends & family.

At this point I rang the seller and asked if he had a TPS I cold 'borrow' in order to test if I had a fault with the one on my car...this he sent.

The flywheel never arrived, and at this point all emails, texts and mobile phone calls stopped.

The person in question goes by the name of "Edward Robert" on Paypal, his Ebay identfier is "trw32t700"

Also uses the email address "C Robert" < [email protected]

He is still advertising on Ebay via an advert for "BMW335i LSD"

I have been given an address for him in the Rugeley , Midlands area, but he does not respond to any correspondence.

My question is has anyone on the forum had any dealings with him or have any information that might assist me in getting my money back.

The £385.00 is not a massive amount to loose but the principal has really started to aggrevate me

I might add I managed to source a flywheel eventually from a more reputable source

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Re: negative feedback - UK seller

Post by ron » Thu Jul 15, 2021 5:54 pm

If you paid through Paypal, open a dispute. It works well to get your money back.
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Re: negative feedback - UK seller

Post by Jubilados » Thu Jul 15, 2021 6:03 pm

Normally that’s true, but he says “ I paid to him through Paypal Friends & family.”
That’s a whole different thing. Very risky, no refunds.
Any seller who insists on being paid that way should be avoided, IMO. At least in any amount you’re not willing to lose.

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Re: negative feedback - UK seller

Post by hornhospital » Thu Jul 15, 2021 9:08 pm

Just as Jubilados said, NEVER pay using Friends and Family unless it is a friend or family member, someone you trust completely. When a seller asks for payment via Paypal F&F I instead ask if I can add 3.5% and send it as payment for an item or service. Then I have recourse if the deal goes south. The seller can't complain since they get their full asking price. If they say no, the deal is off.
I'm afraid your £385 is gone.
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Re: negative feedback - UK seller

Post by sideshowbob » Fri Jul 16, 2021 9:10 am

Thanks for replies, have tried contacting Paypal but as others have said no recourse.

it was the fact that I did several transactions with the seller prior to this one and also he was an excellent communicator...can't imagine why you would jeopardise all that for £385.

Just to move on, I have gone to the government small claims court and a fellow BMW enthusiast has researched his address for me, but I am not 100% sure it is correct.
The court have sent my paperwork to this address but it was not accepted, the court are informing me they have served the paperwork and are now passing to the next stage, this has cost me another £50.00, so far the way I am feeling money well spent.

If this gets a result ...great, if not I will have to let it drop as to spend more money will not be cost effective.

Lesson learn't

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Re: negative feedback - UK seller

Post by Pod » Tue Sep 07, 2021 4:53 pm

Sorry to read of your unhappy experience. People like him give all classic car enthusiasts a bad name. I hope you are successful with your legal action.

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