Drowned Shark (Australian floods)

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Drowned Shark (Australian floods)

Post by TimU »

Saw this on the news yesterday. Much of eastern Australia is currently experiencing a 1 in 1000 year flood event.

Apparently it was running at time and went completly under.
Engine now hydrolocked and the car is a write off.
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Re: Drowned Shark (Australian floods)

Post by GRNSHRK »

Please send us some of that rain [-o<

Sheesh, why can't we spread it around :-"

Here's a shot of another that met its demise due to excessive water #-o

Hope you guys in that area are doing OK, we're actually due for a bit of the wet stuff anytime now [-o<
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Re: Drowned Shark (Australian floods)

Post by Pod »

Just a bit of water, so although the engine may not be salvageable, I'm sure most of the car would be?
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Re: Drowned Shark (Australian floods)

Post by hornhospital »

If either of those E24s were removed from the water and drained/dried out quickly, both could be salvaged. No need to scrap either one. It would take some work, but both could run and drive again. Unfortunately, the insurance companies will most likely total them and have them crushed or at least sent to the boneyard. :cry:
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Re: Drowned Shark (Australian floods)

Post by 635sharknose »

What a shame :(
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Re: Drowned Shark (Australian floods)

Post by Slownrusty »

Very sad and tragic indeed.
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Re: Drowned Shark (Australian floods)

Post by sansouci »

With Hagerty insurance in some states, you can reclaim the vehicle from them for a nominal deduction from the proceeds. Not however in New York. Insurance is regulated state-by-state.
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