Sport Seat Troubleshooting

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Sport Seat Troubleshooting

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My E24 has manual sport seats and I'm trying to figure out how to address my issue. The driver's seat, I was in the car and I needed to get my wallet out of my back pocket. I'm 6'4" and when I stretched out my legs to get to my pocket, I pushed back on the seatback and heard a pop/click type of sound in the seat, and the seat seemed to have reclined or bent back ever so slightly. I tried adjusting the recline and it appears to be as far up/front in the recline arc as possible. Eyeballing it compared to the passenger seat it looks to be the same angle as the pass seat which was set as far up/front as possible as well. I can recline the seat up/down and it clicks and locks in all the positions possible as you move it up and down, but when I put my weight on the seatback it's just not sturdy, like I can feel it bending almost when I slightly push back. The passenger seat does not do that at all and is overall solid.

I took the driver's seat out and partially apart, I'm wondering if I bent the tabs in the upright portion of the seatback where the 2 screwes hold it to the recline mechanism? Or bent the tabs on the recline mechanism itself, or something lower in the entire recline mechanism?

I can take apart the pass seat to see what it looks like after I take it out but wanted to ask here before I take it out and apart what normal looks like on these areas I mentioned in the pics, or what else I might want to look at?
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