Thoughts about 225/45/17's

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Thoughts about 225/45/17's

Post by Broncos »

Looking at a coupe that has MOMO 17 inch rims and Nexan N5000 225/45/17's - For those of you running this tire and rims size, how is the handling? Any clearance issues? Personally, I prefer a more stock rim but 15 inch tires/rims are not easy to come by it seems - low profile looks great on many 2023 cars but they look a little bling IMHO on an '87 car. Any thoughts?
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Re: Thoughts about 225/45/17's

Post by GRNSHRK »

How wide are the wheels :-k

Typically, 235/45 x 17" would be about the right outside diameter as original, so 225/45's would be a bit short as far as the OD would be concerned :-"

But you do need to match the tire width with the wheel width as well \:D/
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Re: Thoughts about 225/45/17's

Post by tschultz »

Should be correct for an 8" wide wheel! 16's will handle a bit better though.
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Re: Thoughts about 225/45/17's

Post by RossDinan6 »

I've run that size for years on a set of E39 style 5. Wheels are 8", I don't recall the offset offhand. They have removed the paint on my front struts with no ill effect or other issues. I like the look and the handling. I have tracked the car at Sebring and the handling was quite good with the correct pressures.

Our roads are pretty good, potholed and frost heaved locales may dictate smaller diameter wheels.

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Re: Thoughts about 225/45/17's

Post by Cogeniac »

I have run 235/45/17 Pilot Sports on Style 5 wheels on my E12 base E24 for years with no ill effects. I use 10 mm HR spacers on the front. I get a very slight bit of polishing on the struts from contact during excursions of the suspension, and a little bit of tire rub when turning hard lock, for example, in parking lots, But other than that, this size works great.
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