lost my key

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lost my key

Post by burgundy635 »

#-o really didn’t want to have to make this post, but it’s been a few monthes of searching without any luck.

It was the only copy, so obviously I need to have a new one cut. Does anyone have any tips on how I could do this cheaply? Would a common locksmith be able to make a new key if I gave them a few weeks along with the ignition out of the car? any help would go a long long way. Thanks!!
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Re: lost my key

Post by Steve M6 »

I am wondering whether BMW has any records for key codes that could be retrieved by a dealer with use of the VIN?

Might be worth a try, certainly easier than removing a lock cylinder.
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Re: lost my key

Post by bpoliakoff »

I am under the impression that the glovebox lock takes the same key and the cylinder is real easy to pull It should have a key code on it and a decent locksmith should be able to make additional keys from that
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Re: lost my key

Post by wattsmonkey »

Here in UK, dealer will make you a new key on submission of proof of ownership. An expensive waste of time if locks have been changed (ask me how I know!)

Not sure about glovebox, Bert - I made up a set to match my ignition key and I seem to remember the glovebox having two fewer wafers, but I haven't tried to get a key made using a code on the lock.

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Re: lost my key

Post by Pod »

Once when I bought one without any keys, I took off the driver's door lock, which had a code. I took it to my local dealer who cut me a new key.
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