Instructions on posting your pictures

Instructions on posting your pictures in the forum. Thanks Dave!

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Instructions on posting your pictures

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Ok, posting images.
Essentially you have two choices;

1) Adding pics to your post.
When posting a new message, or replying to another, click on 'Browse'. This will then open up your pc. You then decide what picture you want (remembering the 256kb upload limit per image), once you've found it click 'Add Attachment'. You can add a comment about the photo in the box to the left of the 'Add Attachment'.
Each time you want to add a picture, repeat the process.
If the image is to large the website will tell you.
I think the maximum number of pics you can add in one post (or reply) is 4, but I could be wrong!

2) Hosting your pics on a website.
There are lots of free photo album type websites, where you can basically upload as many pics of whatever size until you reach your free limit, typically 50mb. If you search via google or similar for 'free web hosting' or similar, you'll find a site.
Once you've got your pics loaded onto your chosen website, then you'll have a url.
Each picture will have a different url when you right click & look at properties. You can then copy that url info & then when you post on the site, you'll click on the [img] tab.
Basically your url unique image detail will be added between [img][/img].
You can hit 'preview' to make sure you can view your images.

Thanks go to Dave for the instructions.