Headlight wiper arm, wiper blade plastic attachment.

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Headlight wiper arm, wiper blade plastic attachment.

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Good morning.....Ive been trying to find plastic clips that hold the headlight wiper on wiper arm.. I've spent hours to no avail.. you can buy the whole arm With the clip on it for lots of money, but no clips .. I've seen kits for e30s ... The arms with with the clips look identical.. .. contacted a few of these sellers to see if I can buy the clips. .. .. they are already fitted to the arms.. .so no.. ... I have just tried to get one of the intact clips of the headlight system. So I could image search.. but you risk breaking them taking them off. So didn't risk it.... If you have had this same issue, could you drop me line.. ? 3d Lazer printer?? Doubt the plastic would be strong enough.. .. and too intricate.. after spending the last few months doing rear suspension complete overhaul I thought I would move on to something easy.. .. hell no... .. lol.. .. thanks for spending time reading .
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